...Where or where is Mr.Fuji

Ok I've learnt my lesson. Never ever leave home without Mr.Fuji. Even when just going out for a quick bathroom break with Lupa. 

It was a rainy crappy looking evening and I was getting ready to call it a night. Took Lupa out for a quick pee and boom, I see this father and sun in bright coloured raincoats and a big yellow umbrella holding hands waiting to cross the street.
They were standing with their back to me.  It was just one of those moments you know this needs to be captured on film. But noooooooo, Someone forgot Mr.Fuji on the window sil so the image will now live only in my mind. 

On the way back home I saw this lady with a red umbrella walking her dog. She stopped in front of the church, maybe to say a quick prayer. This time I reached for my iPhone and took a quick shot. Now I know this blog is dedicated to only images from Mr. Fuji, but this one I had to post. It will be the last time I am without my camera. 
Did a quick edit using an app called Pic Stitch. Turned out pretty good I think. 
Here is a 1:1 framing 


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