...Rain & Roses

Went out this morning for work and the rain was waiting to say hello. I love when it rains, but only when I'm inside and not off to work. Here is a shot of T about to ride off as well. 

Still doing understand why some people feel ok with using a seat for their bag while others have to stand. Like seriously

This seagull is on top. As the saying goes "one mans garbage is another man.....seagull's treasure"

Got some more ink after work today. Just a red rose to join the the black ones. This single res rose represents my girl Tajana. 

I'll be going back all summer till my half sleeve and chest is complete. Can't wait. 

Great Big Shout Out to Wild World Ink in Kensington market. These guys have an awesome vibe and Engel has the hands of a monk. Fast, sure and steady. Check them out. www.wildworldink.com 


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