....The Start of Something New

    Let me start by giving a big shout out to my awesome wife who picked up this Fuji x100s  
    for me. Most married photographers have to beg and plead. Not I.

   As you can see the size difference from my Canon 1D Mark IV is massive! Don't get me 
   wrong, I love my 1D4 and don't mean to replace it, but my growing interest in street 
   photography has caused need for a smaller body without compromise to image quality. 
   Most professional photographers would rather have a great shot v.s. the convenience of   
   a smaller lighter camera. Now we don't have to choose.

   Here she is dressed for the street. Yes it looks like shit and that's the whole point. 
   Most people won't care where I point this thing when it looks like turd. Also would be  
   thieves may not give this one a pass. 
   I'm still leaning all the menus and functions, but soon enough I will be posting my work    
   and images captured with this little gem. This will be my first of many posts. I'm curious 
   to see how shooting with this new body and fixed 35mm equivillent lens will change my 
   shooting style or composition.
   Stay tuned.


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